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Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Summer Hiatus?

[To say so in advance, I am sorry about the perfunctory nature of this post.] Mad Minerva has been reading the same papers I've read. Secondly, I now officially hold the degree Philosophiae Doctor. Finally, blogging (as should be evident already) will be spotty at best through the summer. In the fall I will resume my semi-regularly blogging. Peace

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Anonymous said...

Doctor Cox,
First off I would like to say congrats to your Offical Title. That is amazing work. You have earned everything you receive.

Second I just wanted to say thank you for evrything you have been able to open my eyes to. Even if you have not purposely taught me, your character and wisdom taught me of many things I still have to learn, your insite and calm have helped into my growth of faith to the one we both serve, thank you again and may God bless you in everything you do.

Grace and Peace.
Your Student- Mr. Hottmann

Phil. 4:13

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