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Friday, April 29, 2005

"a breach of my professional duties"

NRO had a link to this blog site by a Dartmouth economics professor. I resonate very much with what he says. He is responding to NYT's Paul Krugman and an opinion piece Krugman wrote wherein he speculates on why few conservatives are in higher education. I don't read Krugman and so don't care to critique him here. But I thought Vox Baby (the blogsite) expresses well my own experience, both in postgraduate studies and now as a professor.

VB writes:

I would consider it a breach of my professional duties to put my own political views into the courses I am teaching. I presume the same is true of my colleagues in the economics department, be they liberal or conservative.

I've had fairly liberal professors and fairly conservative ones, rarely, and never with the best ones, does politics govern their teaching. It doesn't with me.


Fish said...

Hey Doc,
I got to Arkansas safe and sound. Just thought I'd stop in and say: thanks again for all the bits of wisdom and understanding. Your understanding helped more than you know. Keep in touch:

cass said...

thought i would say hi.
i miss your nt class.
enough mushy sentiments. well save that for august.

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