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Friday, March 06, 2009

Lent, Day 9: Do not lead me into temptation.

The boys and S. decided to give up sweets for Lent. This has proven not to be the easiest (and so, perhaps, all the better) decision. On the way to worship Sunday morning, S. was prepping the boys for how to handle the donuts offered between class and worship proper (oddly these donuts usually have a huge pull on the boys). When Eliot seemed discombobulated that he would not get donuts, Shelly wondered whether aloud but (we thought) in code whether Eliot was old enough to understand Lent. To their credit, the older three boys began to plot where else in the church building they would be and what else they could do at that time not to be tempted. When we arrived at the church parking lot and I turned off the van, Eliot leaped from his seat and said, excitedly, "I'm too young to understand Lent so I get to have donuts."

Mischevous Angel
My mischievous angel (see the halo?)

PS - Do Sundays even count for the Lenten fast?

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debbers57 said...

This was great!! I have enjoyed reading your daily Lenten blogs. In the Diaconate Program the suggestion by one of the wives was made to give up sweets during Lent on our Tuesday evening classes...LOL this past Tuesday was a tad hard!! :>) So...did Eliot get his donut??

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