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Sunday, July 20, 2008

Planet Pathology Puppet Show

Puppet Show Announcement

Jack and Bobalicious gave a puppet show tonight. While their mom and brothers had been out earlier, I let them decorate paper bags and a couple of Barnes and Noble boxes. After dinner, we had to show our ID to get into the bedroom for the show. It was about a couple of astronauts that fly to another planet and encounter an alien. Here is a scene from the encounter:

Astronaut (Jack): Do you have a toilet?

Alien (Bobalicious): It's a PortaPotty.

This seems oddly close to real life. As the first order of business when going anywhere, Jack scopes out the restroom (often informing us of any interesting or unusual features it may have). And Bobalicious is not a fan of PortaPotties, which he claims "aren't very clean."

Planet Pathology Puppet Show

Jack as Puppet AstronautBobalicious as Puppet Alien

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