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Sunday, February 13, 2005

Daddy, what's the scientific name for horses?

Joel, 5, asks me on our way to Meijer. "Equine" I respond. Joel shouts, "Equines of the world, Unite!"

Now, it's not purely original. I have been known to shout to cows as we pass them by, "Bovines of the World, Unite." I've done it mostly for effect. I actually don't want them to unite - it would make hamburgers more scarce and I don't think their union would be effective anyway. But I've said it with my boys with me, or my wife, or really anybody who I think needs to be reminded I am wierd. Can't have them forgetting that.

So, now whenver we pass cows (usually Sundays, on the way to worship), my boys give a shout out to local fraternal order of the Bovine, suggesting they vote yea with Norma Rae. Today, Joel decided to improvise - with a little help from me - and suggested a similar solution to our equine friends.

I am waiting until the boys are a little older and then I'll introduce them to the Meatrix. Perhaps there is something to this animal union thing after all.


Anonymous said...

That "Meatrix" site is very interesting. And enlightening. I like the "Agri-Corp" robot.

Anonymous said...

That was me, Swanson, by the way.

abbess said...

At least you are educating your children. The Abbot has taught his children to shout, "AARRRR!" every time they pull in the driveway. The Abbess has yet to get in synch with the rest of the family; I am still trying to adjust.

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